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A traveling exhibition about the sounds and songs of life

Bell Bracelet

Build a Bell Bracelet

This cool Bell Bracelet lets you jingle in style! You can jingle all around the world with it on your ankle or shake it on your wrist. It could even make a stylish necklace. Many cultures use ankle or wrist bells to make music during dancing. They jingle to the beat as you move.

Courtesy of the Sound Crew. Sound Crew is a team of teenagers who worked on the Wild Music project, in the Science Museum of Minnesota’s Youth Science Center. During 2005 and 2006, they developed a number of sound and music activities and tested them with kids in the museum and the community.

bell bracelet Bell Bracelet
  • Materials

  • • Pipe Cleaners (many colors)
  • • Bells
  • • Beads
  • • Scissors
  • • Creative Mind!
  • Instructions

  • 1. Pick out your bells and beads.
  • 2. Pick out a pipe cleaner.
  • 3. Strand the bells and beads on pipe cleaner.
  • 4. Wrap around wrist, ankle, or neck.
  • 5. Take the scissors and cut off the extra pipe cleaner.
  • 6. Enjoy!

Download a PDF to print below

bellbracelet.pdf55.13 KB