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Can Elephants' Amazing Sense of Smell Help Sniff Out Bombs?

March 26, 2015 - 7:17am
The U.S. military’s push for better bomb detectors involves taking cues from elephants’ ability to locate TNT.
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Massive Underground City Found in Cappadocia Region of Turkey

March 26, 2015 - 7:14am
Subterranean retreat may have sheltered more than 20,000 people in times of trouble.
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Billion-Dollar Road Trip Will Bring Space Boulder Into Lunar Orbit

March 25, 2015 - 3:30pm
NASA plans to send a spacecraft to an asteroid, pluck a boulder from its surface, and put it in orbit around the moon.
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Study of Hunter-Gatherers' Guts Reveals Ancient Microbes

March 25, 2015 - 2:18pm
Bacteria found in far-flung indigenous groups are absent in industrialized populations.
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Shape-Shifting Frog Found, Goes From Spiky to Smooth in Minutes

March 25, 2015 - 1:22pm
Dubbed the "punk rocker” frog, the marble-size amphibian is the first vertebrate known to change its skin texture.
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Watch Scientists Try Everything to Put a Camera on a Manatee

March 25, 2015 - 12:00pm
The hardest animal to attach a Crittercam to wasn't a great white shark or a whale—it was the slow-moving manatee.
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Water Use for Fracking Has Skyrocketed, USGS Data Show

March 25, 2015 - 7:57am
Wells drilled for gas drink far more chemical-laced fluids than those drilled for oil.
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Why Is Confucius Still Relevant Today? His Sound Bites Hold Up

March 25, 2015 - 6:00am
The Chinese philosopher still affects the lives of nearly a quarter of humanity.
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"Methuselah" Palm Grown From 2,000-Year-Old Seed Is a Father

March 24, 2015 - 2:57pm
Ten years after sprouting from an ancient seed, the date palm is "a big boy now," a scientist says—"and yeah, he can make dates."
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Observe: Jupiter, Wrecking Ball of Early Solar System

March 24, 2015 - 2:03pm
Jupiter may have wiped ancient worlds off the map of our solar system. Look up tonight to appreciate the destroyer from your backyard.
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Behold Sparklemuffin and Skeletorus, New Peacock Spiders

March 24, 2015 - 12:11pm
A few new species of these colorful, dancing spiders have been found in eastern Australia.
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Despite ISIS Threat, Looted Antiquities Returning to Iraq

March 24, 2015 - 7:05am
Does return of ancient objects to Baghdad send a “strong message” in face of ISIS threats, or put the artifacts in danger of destruction?
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How Good Old American Marketing Saved the National Parks

March 24, 2015 - 6:30am
Getting people to the parks was the mission a century ago. Now it’s putting visitors to work in the name of science.
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Sun and Moon Create Europe's 'Tide of the Century'

March 23, 2015 - 2:04pm
Rare “supertide” forms temporary island in the English Channel.
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Opossums Could Hold the Key to Saving Snakebite Victims

March 23, 2015 - 12:44pm
Scientists pinpoint a compound in the marsupial's blood that neutralizes venom—could it help in the quest to create a universal antivenom?
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This Week’s Night Sky: Lunar Wall and a Bull’s Eye

March 23, 2015 - 11:09am
In the latest in a series of occultations, the red eye of Taurus disappears behind the moon.
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17th-Century Astronomers May Have Watched Stars Collide

March 23, 2015 - 10:54am
A bright star that appeared in 1670 was long assumed to be an explosion—turns out, it may have been a rare collision of stars.
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How a Wolf Named Romeo Won Hearts in an Alaska Suburb

March 22, 2015 - 7:38am
It’s one thing to have a tolerant meeting with a wild wolf that goes on for a matter of minutes. But this went on for six years.
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Moscow: Opulent, Overwhelming, and Pulsing With Power

March 22, 2015 - 5:30am
Living in Moscow can be terrifying and mesmerizing, says author.
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‘Tis the Season to Be Blooming: 16 Photos Celebrating Spring

March 21, 2015 - 7:04am
It’s that vernal equinox time of year: From flowers to festivals, here are some of our favorite National Geographic photos of spring.
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