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VIDEO: Endangered pygmy hippo born at zoo

November 20, 2015 - 2:46am
A pygmy hippo has been born at Bristol Zoo
Categories: Wild Music News

Do we underestimate plants and trees?

November 19, 2015 - 6:57pm
What can trees and plants teach us?
Categories: Wild Music News

Endangered pygmy hippo born at zoo

November 19, 2015 - 6:38pm
A baby pygmy hippo has been born at Bristol Zoo, it is revealed.
Categories: Wild Music News

Satellite will map Earth's plant glow

November 19, 2015 - 1:14pm
The European Space Agency will build a satellite to map from orbit the glow of photosynthesis taking place on Earth.
Categories: Wild Music News

Bird's lightning 'tap dance' revealed

November 19, 2015 - 11:14am
Using high-speed cameras, scientists glimpse songbirds doing a rapid-fire dance that is invisible to the naked eye.
Categories: Wild Music News

VIDEO: Video captures songbird quick-step

November 19, 2015 - 11:13am
Scientists capture high-speed footage of songbirds performing a rapid-fire "tap dance" that is invisible to the naked eye.
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Should politicians decide science funding?

November 19, 2015 - 10:36am
Should politicians have more say on science funding?
Categories: Wild Music News

US approves GM salmon for food

November 19, 2015 - 9:43am
US regulators have given the go-ahead to genetically modified salmon, making it the first GM animal destined for human consumption.
Categories: Wild Music News

UK science 'needs single funding body'

November 19, 2015 - 8:12am
A government-commissioned review says UK science funding should be determined by a single independent agency, and overseen perhaps by the chancellor himself.
Categories: Wild Music News

World on cusp of 'post-antibiotic era'

November 19, 2015 - 8:12am
Bacteria are now resistant to drugs of last resort meaning the world is on the cusp of a "post-antibiotic era", warn scientists.
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VIDEO: Tasmanian devils reintroduced to wild

November 19, 2015 - 2:50am
A group of Tasmanian Devils are being reintroduced to their natural habitat in Tasmania as part of a plan designed to save the carnivorous marsupials from a cancer threatening them with extinction.
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Neon pony paint 'could save hundreds'

November 18, 2015 - 6:42pm
Reflective paint, which could "save hundreds" of Dartmoor's livestock from being killed by vehicles, is put on ponies after an initial trial is deemed a success.
Categories: Wild Music News

Big ice melt scenarios 'not plausible'

November 18, 2015 - 1:36pm
Scientists say the contribution of a melting Antarctica to sea level rise this century will be significant and challenging, but that some nightmare scenarios are just not realistic.
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Pesticide exposure 'harms pollination'

November 18, 2015 - 12:59pm
Bees exposed to widely-used nicotine-like pesticides are not as good at pollinating crops, according to a study.
Categories: Wild Music News

UK's coal plants to close by 2025

November 18, 2015 - 7:10am
The UK's remaining coal-fired power stations will be shut by 2025, energy secretary Amber Rudd proposes.
Categories: Wild Music News

Lethal amphibian disease killed off

November 18, 2015 - 4:15am
For the first time, researchers eliminate a devastating amphibian fungal disease in a population of toads.
Categories: Wild Music News

Bees and pesticides 'missing link'

November 17, 2015 - 7:17pm
A new study sheds light on unanswered questions about the risks of pesticides to bees.
Categories: Wild Music News

Brain wrinkle linked to hallucinations

November 17, 2015 - 11:41am
Scientists say a particular fold at the front of the brain tends to be shorter in those schizophrenia patients who experience hallucinations.
Categories: Wild Music News

Earth's underground water quantified

November 17, 2015 - 5:06am
A new calculation fixes the total amount of groundwater on the planet, held in rock and soil below our feet, at 23 million cubic km.
Categories: Wild Music News

Fewer corncrakes counted in Scotland

November 17, 2015 - 4:14am
Wet and cold spring and summer weather is blamed for one of Scotland's rarest breeding birds having a poor season.
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