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Updated: 53 min 31 sec ago

Rosetta edges towards Comet 67P

July 3, 2014 - 7:12am
Europe's Rosetta spacecraft is edging ever closer to its quarry - the 4km-wide Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.
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Rival 'inflation' teams to share data

July 3, 2014 - 3:23am
Scientists on rival projects looking for evidence that the early Universe underwent a super-expansion are in discussion about working together and publishing a joint paper.
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Study maps fracking methane risk

July 3, 2014 - 3:10am
A major study into the potential of fracking to contaminate drinking water with methane is published, highlighting where shale deposits and aquifers coincide.
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VIDEO: Secrets of plant roots revealed

July 3, 2014 - 3:10am
Plants have been grown inside a microscope to allow scientists to watch their roots developing in 3D.
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Public asked to spot woodland moths

July 3, 2014 - 3:09am
Members of the public are being asked to send in their sightings of the UK's bizarre and beautiful woodland moths for Moth Night 2014.
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Giraffe legs' strong, skinny secret

July 2, 2014 - 7:28pm
Scientists have worked out the unique anatomy that allows giraffes' long, spindly legs to support their weight.
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Early bird 'had feather trousers'

July 2, 2014 - 7:24pm
Fossil reveals early bird's feathered "trousers"
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Tackle food waste and feed the world

July 2, 2014 - 5:02pm
Tackle food waste and help feed the world
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Oklahoma drought kindles spectre of 1930s 'Dust Bowl'

July 2, 2014 - 3:49pm
Oklahoma drought kindles spectre of 1930s crisis
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VIDEO: US drought 'worst for decades'

July 2, 2014 - 3:11pm
Parts of the United States are experiencing the worst drought for decades with farmers warning that harvests are being badly hit.
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Altitude gene 'from extinct species'

July 2, 2014 - 12:03pm
A gene that allows present-day people cope with life at high altitude was inherited from an extinct species of human, Nature journal has reported.
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EU plans tough new rules on waste

July 2, 2014 - 12:00pm
The UK will have to divert a significant amount of waste away from landfill under new EU proposals on recycling.
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New plan 'needed to stop cattle TB'

July 2, 2014 - 11:07am
New research shows that the spread of TB in cattle can only be controlled if more radical measures are adopted.
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Major stem-cell findings retracted

July 2, 2014 - 5:45am
Research reporting one of the biggest "breakthroughs" in stem-cell science has been withdrawn after "critical errors" were discovered.
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VIDEO: Blast-off for Nasa CO2 satellite

July 2, 2014 - 4:58am
Nasa has launched a mission dedicated to measuring carbon dioxide (CO2) from space.
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Nasa launches carbon dioxide observer

July 2, 2014 - 3:57am
The US space agency lofts a high-resolution carbon dioxide observatory, to study where the gas is being emitted and absorbed at the Earth's surface.
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Fish memory spans days, not seconds

July 2, 2014 - 3:08am
African cichlid fish's memory of feeding areas can span up to twelve days, scientists show.
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Caribbean coral reefs 'could vanish'

July 2, 2014 - 12:01am
Many coral reefs in the Caribbean could vanish in the next 20 years, according to a report published by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.
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Dormice 'take naps to fatten up'

July 1, 2014 - 10:23pm
Naps may help dormice save energy and survive until it is time to hibernate, say scientists.
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PM warns of antibiotic resistance

July 1, 2014 - 7:17pm
Medicine could soon be "cast back into the dark ages" unless action is taken to tackle the growing resistance to antibiotics, David Cameron says.
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